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10 Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

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When it comes to cats, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who think cats are awesome and those people that don’t share this feeling (they are obviously wrong!). Since this weekly blog is made by and for cat lovers, we decided to remind you once again why cats are awesome. Here are 10 reasons, but there are of course many more! 

  1. The marvelous bodies of felines can defy the laws of physics. Their elliptical-shaped pupils can open wider than round pupils, giving cats excellent night vision. Cat eyes have more rods than cones in the retina which allows light absorption. This means cats were made to see in low light. Sometimes you can see a green flash in cat’s eyes. This is caused by a membrane called the tapetum lucidum and reflects the light within a cat’s eyes for optimal vision. While most people think cats are nocturnal, they are actually most active at dusk and dawn and therefore they’re crepuscular.
  2. Cats have approximately 230-244 bones in their body. Their tail alone consists of 18-23 bones. Cat bones can fuse together over time resulting in a variation of number of bones in cat bodies.
  3. Cats can drink seawater. The kidneys of cats have the ability to filter out large amounts of salt. Fresh water is better for cats, but they can drink salty ocean water if needed.
  4. Felines are intelligent creatures and research studies have shown how complex the brain of a cat actually is. Cats have 300 million neurons in their brains while dogs only have 160 million neurons.
  5. Not all cats react to catnip. About 70-80% of felines react when catnip enters their nose because it is believed that catnip stimulates a response in the protein receptors that stimulate sensory neurons. This is a result of oil in catnip called nepetalactone.
  6. Cats and kittens interact with humans using different techniques. Cats don’t usually meow at each other. The meow is used for communicating with humans. Felines read body language and use other small cues to chat with other cats. They can make over 100 vocal sounds and every purr, meow, hiss and chirp means something else.
  7. Cats give humans long, slow blinks to show they feel at ease in your presence. Closed eyes are seen as a vulnerability in the wild. So if a cat is comfortable enough to blink at you, it is basically a cat’s way of giving you a kiss.
  8. Studies have proven that cat parents have a reduced risk of a stroke or cardiovascular disease. Companion cats have the ability to help lower our stress levels, which goes a long way for a healthy heart.
  9. Cats have been loved by humans for centuries. Felines have been friends to humans for more than 10,000 years. In Cyprus, a grave dating back to 9500 B.C. discovered a human and a cat purposefully buried together.
  10. Isaac Newton may have invented the cat flap. When Newton was busy working on new inventions, he was often interrupted by his cat scratching at the door. He asked a carpenter friend to saw a hole in his door and the cat flap was invented.

Enjoy your Sunday! 

My Purry Friends

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