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5 facts about cat paws

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Besides being cute, cat paws have some interesting characteristics that you might not expect at first sight. Have you ever examined you cat’s paw pads or taken a closer look at them? In this blog article, we will list 5 facts about cat paws that you can use to show off next time when you are meeting up with other cat lovers!

  1. Shock absorbing

This one may not be surprising since you probably already noticed yourself how soft they are when you are cuddling together with your purry friend in the couch. Cat paws are excellent “tools” to act as shock and sound absorbers. Cat’s cushions will help them to soften landings when they jump or walk around. This will help them when they are trying to hunt silently.

  1. Communication

There are many reasons why cats like to scratch objects and marking their territories is definitely one of them. It doesn’t only provide visual evidence, but pheromones are also being spread from scent glands that are located between the paw pads of cats. It gives a clear signal for any other cat passing by.


Cat paw - My Purry Friends

  1. Grooming

When discussing facts about cat paws, grooming is one thing we can’t forget to mention. These are perfectly designed to help them groom all over their body, even those hard-to-reach areas! Basically, cat paws (and their fore legs) are actually perfect little grooming tools.

  1. Sweating

Just like humans, cats need to sweat as well. Their paws can function as a cooling system for cats to sweat on hot days. When cats are frightened or have stress, they can sweat as well.

  1. Colorful

Cats come in all kinds of colors and wonderful “prints”. Usually, their paw pads match the rest of the fur. This is because the pigments that determine the color of the fur are the same as the ones that color the skin. Every cat is unique and we love it!


There you have it, cat paws have more functions than just being cute after all. Make sure you don’t rub their paws too much, because cat paws are very sensitive!


My Purry Friends

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