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5 facts about the tongue of your cat

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What do you know about the tongue of your cat besides the fact they use it to lick their cute paws in order to groom themselves? You probably also know it’s not as soft as it looks, but did you know there is a whole lot more to discover about their tongue? In this blog we will discuss 5 interesting facts!

  1. Sandpaper

Let’s start with one you probably already know. Have you ever wondered why your cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper? If you ever get the chance, take a closer look (we know, this isn’t always easy) at their tongue. You will see they are covered in tiny hooks, these are called “papillae”. These tiny spines make grooming a lot more efficient and easier. 

  1. Cooling down

On hot summer days, licking their fur will cause additional evaporation so your purry friend can stay cool on even the warmest days of the year. But hey, aren’t cats cool every day of the year?! 


Cat on the floor with tongue out

  1. Tasting

When you are talking about a tongue, you can’t forget tasting! We already wrote a blog article about this, so don’t forget to check this out as well! Humans have roughly 9,000 taste buds, while a cat only has 473 taste buds. Cats compensate this with their superior sense of smell. 

  1. Drinking

For a long time, people assumed cats use the exact same technique to drink like dogs. They curl their tongue to create a little spoon to drink. Cats however, seem to do the same but in a more elegant and ingenious way (what did you expect?). They only use the tip of their tongue and quickly pull it up again to create a “water column”. Check out some videos on the internet to see how they do it! 

  1. Food

Cats are obligate carnivores. They like to hunt little birds and mice. The sharp tiny hooks we described above that are used to groom are also useful during dinner time. Wild cats use this handy “tool” to get all the meat from the bones. Yummy!

Hopefully you learned something new. Enjoy your Sunday!

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