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5 misunderstandings about aggressive cats

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Cats are wonderful animals. You can cuddle, play and enjoy their company. However, when they aren’t in the mood, they can be aggressive as well. There are a lot of misunderstandings about aggressive cats. Time to bust some myths!

  1. An aggressive cat needs to be punished

Don’t fight aggression with aggression. Just like with humans, this will never solve the problem. Usually, it will only make it worse. It’s important to find the cause and try to find a solution.

  1. Cats do this on purpose

Cats are smart animals and always have a reason for the way they behave. Don’t assume cats are aggressive just to be annoying. It could be because they feel threatened or scared by certain situations. Sometimes, it could even be caused by pain. Find out what the reason is and bring a visit to the vet if it’s necessary.

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  1. Ignore an aggressive cat

This myth is not so easy and can be answered with yes and no. When cats are upset, it’s usually best to leave them alone and give them some time. Trying to comfort them will usually have the opposite effect, because they aren’t ready yet. If your cat is more often aggressive, then ignoring or leaving them alone won’t work anymore. This is why you have to find what is causing this behavior and find a concrete solution.

  1. Once aggressive, always aggressive

As mentioned before, there can be many reasons for a cat to be aggressive. It doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your cat. Find some professional help and look for a solution together. There could be a medical problem you aren’t aware of! Once aggressive, always aggressive is definitely not correct.

  1. Fighting cats can do their thing

When you have two or more cats at home, you probably have already experienced a sudden fight out of nowhere. The best option is to immediately separate them and keep them apart for at least  48 hours. Never let them fight until it’s over, this usually will only make the problem worse.


Good luck and enjoy your Sunday!

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