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5 Things Humans Do That Cats Don’t Like

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When you live together with family, friends or a roommate, you might have noticed some habits that you don’t really enjoy. Not doing their laundry or not cleaning up after themselves are just a few examples. Did you know there are many things cats also dislike that you may not be aware of? Here is our list of 5 things!

  1. Not cleaning the litter box

Sometimes you may just forget to clean the litter box on time, but your cat doesn’t appreciate this. Would you like to go to a dirty toilet? Exactly. Cats are really sensitive about this and would even avoid the litter box if it doesn’t keep up with their standards. Make sure to scoop it a least once a day. A good rule is to keep one litter box for each cat in your house with one extra. Want to keep the area around your box clean too? Try our Ultimate Cat Litter Mat!

Happy Cat

  1. Using too much perfumed odors

Cats have an incredible sense of smell. Compared to humans, cats can smell over 14 times better! This also means their nose is very sensitive. They can pick up stuff we would never notice. Don’t exaggerate with perfume or cleaning products, because it will not be appreciated!

  1. A bad water bowl

Cats can be picky and they are not afraid to show this. If they don’t like the bowl you are giving them, they simply won’t use it and try to find it somewhere else. Due to the shape of some bowls, your cat’s whiskers may touch the edges. This is very uncomfortable for cats. Check out our Tilted Orthopedic Cat Bowl and make sure to always keep it filled with clean and fresh water

  1. Loud noises

Our little purry friends are easily scared, that’s a fact. Not only do cats have an incredible sense of smell, they have sensitive ears as well. They need this to hear everything when they are hunting and chasing a prey. Cats don’t like loud noises like slamming doors, yelling or the vacuum cleaner. Try to keep loudness to a minimum to keep your cat happy.

  1. Not giving them enough attention

Sometimes cats will do crazy stuff to get your attention. We love cats, so what are you waiting for to pet them and give them all the love they deserve?

Once you make sure the things on this list don’t happen anymore, they will love you even more!

Good luck!

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  • As a new cat adopter I appreciate the rules and tips you offer. My cat and I have bonded an amazing relationship in the 9 months we’ve had him, but I want to learn everything I need to know to make that even better. Thank you soooo much!


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