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8 tips to easily transport your cat

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Taking your cat to the vet, on a trip, or wherever you need to be is not an easy task for a cat owner. Maybe you are one of the few lucky people whose cat has no problem to be transported into a carrier, but usually your cat will do everything it can to keep its freedom. In this blog we will share some tips how you can make your next trip to the vet a piece of cake!

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  1. Cats don’t like the unknown

Before you can even think about starting the trip, you need to get your cat into the carrier. That’s why a calm trip starts with a good preparation. Put your basket or carrier, preferably without the top, always in your living room or well in advance. A blanket with the smell of the cat will help your cat get used to the carrier.

  1. Patience

Patience is the key to success if you want to get your cat in the carrier without any additional stress. Try to comfort your purry friend with their favorite treat to get them in and then gently close the carrier. Keep it as steady as possible when moving, so your cat is not scared by any sudden movements.

  1. Size matters

When it comes to cat carriers, size does matter. The carriers should be just large enough so your cat can stand up and turn around. If it’s too big, your cat can be thrown around while driving (there are no seat belts in a carrier!).

  1. Don’t get angry

There’s a big possibility your cat will be meowing a lot during the trip. This is perfectly normal behavior. How would you react if they put you in a small carrier? Whatever you do, it’s important to not get mad at your cat. The whole situation is already stressing out your cat enough. Don’t ignore your cat. Comfort it with a gentle voice and let it know you are there. Try to avoid listening to loud music in the car, your cat will thank you!

  1. Fasten your seatbelts

If you are traveling by car, make sure you secure the carrier with a belt or put it between two seats so it cannot move anymore. This makes sure your cat won’t move when you have to brake.

  1. Observe

It’s also important to observe your cat so you know how to react properly. Is it a curious cat and does it like to watch everything that is going on? Then make sure their vision is not blocked. Is it the opposite case and is your cat scared? Try putting a blanket over the box to calm them down.

  1. Food

Every cat likes to be distracted with food. Bring their favorite treat with you in the car to calm them down or to distract them.

  1. Be prepared for everything

There is always a chance your cat will get sick or pee (or even a number two) during the trip. Make sure you have an extra blanket so you can change it when you return home after the visit to the vet.


If you are looking for a special way to transport your cat, maybe the Astronaut Cat Backpack from our store is a good idea!

Use these tips next time you are going on a trip with your purry friend to make sure you will both enjoy the trip.  Good luck!

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