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Are Two Kittens Better Than One?

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We have said it before and we will say it again: A home without a cat is just a house! But is it better to adopt two kittens instead of one? And what are the things you definitely should consider when making this choice? In this blog we will help you make the right choice by listing some pros and cons. If you are thinking about adding a cat to your family or expanding your cat family even more, then this is a must-read!

It's always fun to have a buddy to play with when you're young. Kittens that grow up together will correct each other when they are playing too aggressively. There's a bigger chance one cat left alone will get bored and get himself in trouble, compared to two kittens together. They usually keep each other occupied and they won't have time to destroy your beloved furniture. Besides that, it's a lot cosier to have a brother or sister around. Of course, two cats are not a guarantee for a peaceful house. This doesn't mean you can't try! 

Just like little children, kittens learn by observation. They will more quickly pick up skills like grooming or using the litter box correctly if there is another cat to teach them. If one kitten quickly learns good behavior, your other purry friend is likely to follow suit and a lot quicker than if they would have to learn it on their own. Be careful, this method also works for bad behavior so a good education will be key!

Two cats together

Double the cats doesn't only mean more fun and love in your house, but it's also important to think about the cost. You will  have to spend more money on cat food, litter, going to the vet, etc. Make sure you look at your budget before you make this decision. You also need more space. For example, you need at least one litter box for each cat. Don't have enough space? Maybe you're better off in this case with one calm adult cat and give it all the love they deserve? 

Still not convinced? Two cats is also double the cuteness!


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