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Can cats swim or are they afraid of water?

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Have you ever wondered whether your cat is able to swim? Chances are you may already know the answer. Maybe you have a pool or other water in the neighborhood and know how they react to it? Many people assume cats don’t like water and therefore think they can’t swim. But is this correct or just a myth? Read more in this blog to find out!

You’ve probably seen tons of video on the internet of cats falling into the bathtub filled with water  and trying to do everything to get out as soon as possible. So cats must hate water is the simple conclusion, right? However, this is not completely correct. There are in fact some cats out there that actually enjoy water. And yes, there are also a lot of videos about this on the internet!

Cat sitting at the sea

Is your cat part of the group that hates water? There a few reasons that might explain this behavior. Your cat can simply be a breed that doesn’t enjoy water. Many cat breeds like to get wet, for example the Maine Coon, American Shorthair, Turkish Van, Manx and so on. Just like not every human is a big fan of water, not every cat is.

A second reason could be the fact your cat has never been exposed to water before (except for drinking of course). If they have been domestic since they were a kitten, there is a big chance they have never been exposed to water before. If you suddenly fall into a bathtub filled with water and have no idea what’s going on, you would be scared as well!

If you have long hair, then you know how heavy it can feel when it’s wet. Now imagine you are a cat with a lot of fur (that would be great probably, I know). It’s possible a cat’s fur can become waterlogged. The sudden weight could cause your cat to panic and try to escape the water as soon as possible. Some breeds like this, but most don’t.

Good, now that we have established not every cat is afraid of water, we still have to look into the fact cats can swim or not. As with most animals, cats instinctively know how to swim. As explained above, most of them just prefer not to. Next to that, it’s not because you have been born knowing how to do something, you will immediately be a pro at it! All cats like to hunt, but not every cat will always catch something.

Is your cat a fan of water? Let us know in the comments!

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