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Can you prevent your cat from hunting?

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Cats are our cute little friends, but in every cat there is a natural born hunter hidden as well. It’s in their nature, so they can’t really help it. Is there a way how you can protect birds, mice and other little creatures in your garden?

Back in the days, people had cats on their farm or in their village to hunt mice or rats. It was the most effective way to keep unwanted company out of your house. This hunting instinct is still there and they haven’t lost their touch either. Even if a cat doesn’t know what to do when they have caught a mouse and just drop it at your porch, they still have the right skills to hunt like a pro.

Domestic cats are so called “surplus killers”. This means they will hunt whenever they get the chance, even when they are not hungry. If you look at it from the point of view from a cat, it makes sense: you never know when the next time will be when a prey will cross their path. Better safe than sorry, so time to hunt! Usually in this case, cats will just play with their freshly caught prey instead of eating it.

Hunting cat - My Purry Friends

So is there a way you can teach your cat to not hunt in your garden anymore and leave all the other animals alone? As you may have already guessed from the text above, we are afraid the answer is no. Hunting is just something in their DNA and is just a normal habit for them.

However, there are some tips to prevent a cat from killing innocent little animals or birds:

  • Keep your cat inside. Of course, most cats enjoy being outside so it will be key to find a balance in this if you don’t have an indoor cat.
  • Build a catio. A “cat patio”, also known as catio, is an outdoor cat enclosure. This allows your cat to get some fresh air without harming anything else in nature.
  • Don’t let them go outside when they are hungry. Since cats hunt even when they are not hungry, this will not help much, but at least you can try!
  • Be extra careful when the season has come of young birds leaving the nest. They are vulnerable and usually easy preys.

You could also try to put a bell on their collar, but most cats don’t like this and most cat owners would become crazy of constantly hearing this sound. Cats will be cats and hunting is just part of them. Just make sure they don’t exaggerate!


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