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Cat head bumping: what’s up with that?

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Sometimes, cats bring their heads closer to your leg, arm, or even face when you are cuddling in the couch together. Cat owners know and love this feeling. It could be described as head butting or head bumping. A lot of people believe cats are solitary animals, but is this really the case? In this blog you will found out what cats really mean when they bump their head against you.

The most obvious reason why cats show this behavior is simple: they want attention! Sometimes it’s a gentle bump, other times a bit harder, but your cat is always trying to be friendly when they do this. They only do this with people and other cats they like. Your cat is trying to leave its scent on you or it is trying to ask for your attention. The latter is usually the case, because humans react very enthusiastically most of the times. Cats tend to remember this and know they will get attention and pets when they bump into you.

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This brings us to the next reason, namely their scent. As we have described in a previous blog article, cats recognize each other by smelling first. By bumping into you, they activate their scent glands and excrete some pheromones that they rub on you. This is a good sign, because it means you are part of the gang! When you see cats bumping into objects, they are also trying to leave their scent to make them feel safe in their environment. They will do this on a regular basis to make sure the scent doesn’t disappear.

When you come home from work or school, your cat also might start rubbing your leg and giving head bumps. Sometimes they even do this on two legs! We love it! This is again just their way to say hi and leave their scent. Sometimes, there is even the occasional meow so it feels you are having an actual conversation with your purry friend!

If your cat doesn’t do this, don’t worry! Not every cat likes to bump their head. Maybe they show their affection in a different way? However, if you notice they press their head against you instead of bumping, they might be trying to tell you something is wrong. Try to pick up if you notice something different in their behavior.

It’s a fact cats are solitary animals by nature, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want your affection. Enjoy the head bumping!

My Purry Friends

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  • It’s called “clunking” and it simply means “I love you”! >^,,^<

  • So glad to hear about the head butting! My cat is always doing this! ❤️


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