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Cats and fireworks

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Pets and fireworks, usually it doesn’t seem to be the best combination. And yes, this also includes cats. New Year’s Eve is around the corner and this inevitably means there will probably be firework in your neighborhood. But what is the best way to react when your purry friend is scared? Ignore it? Or comfort them?

Cats and other animals are not used to the heavy noises that are produced by fireworks. For years, some people believed you should never comfort your pet while it was scared because otherwise you would confirm the fear or they would think they would get rewarded with something. In reality however, this doesn’t make sense at all.

Fear is a negative emotion nobody likes to feel, let alone a cat would do this on purpose to receive an extra treat or pet. When a pet is really scared, certain neurotransmitters are released in the brain, which makes it impossible to learn any new information or behavior at that moment.

My Purry Friends - Curious cat

If there is one advice we can give on what you have to do when your cat is scared: Comfort and pet your cat! Give them all the attention and love it needs to feel safe again, you don’t have to be afraid you will be giving any wrong signals.

Cats will be cats, so it’s not because they are scared, they will automatically let you comfort them. A cat always wants to be able to make their own choices (sounds familiar?), so make sure there are always a few safe spots for your cat to hide. Once they found a spot to hide, you can talk to them with a soft voice, but don’t attempt to get them out of there. There is a reason your cat chooses to be there. Maybe your cat is usually not allowed in a certain room and this could be the opportunity to sleep there?

Comforting your cat is one thing, but cats are smart and can quickly pick up any change in your behavior. That’s why it is important to stay calm yourself. Don’t try to run nervously after your cat to see what it’s doing. Just do whatever you always do and everything will turn out fine.

Comfort them and give them all the love you can give (not only on New Year’s Eve), because they are cats and they deserve it!

Happy New Year and see you in 2020 with a new blog article!

My Purry Friends

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