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Cats And Kids, A Perfect Match?

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Do you have children at home and are you thinking about adding a cat to your growing family? Choosing a friendly cat takes some research to make sure you find the right fit. This is different for every family, because everyone has their own lifestyle and habits. Read more to find out what you should pay attention to.  

Having a cat is an ideal way to teach your children important social skills such as respect and patience. Next to that, it will also teach them to be responsible since they have to take care of another living being! Cats are pretty independent and low maintenance, which makes them the perfect first pet for the whole family. Just like with dogs, certain breeds of cats are more suited for the busy family life than others, so don't forget to do your homework. Many children see their pets as close friends. It gives them plenty of opportunities to play and some children even prefer pets over humans to share their feelings!

Relaxing cat

Do you have active children that seem to have endless energy? Then it's better to not take a cat that prefers peace and quiet all day long. Even though the breed you eventually choose is better suited to handle this, it is important to teach your children to respect your cat as a new family member and be gentle with them at all times. Make sure they don't just see them as toys! It's crucial your children get off on the right foot right away to get the best out of their relationship. Children learn best by example. Treat your cat with love and respect and chances are your kids will grow up to do the same. 

Besides the social skills, there are also physical benefits for your children. Studies have shown that exposure to pets for young children may significantly reduce the risk of asthma and allergies later on in their childhood. They also have shown to have lower sickness absenteeism from school. 

Don't forget to create safe spaces for your cat. Sometimes cats like to be left alone, so it's important to provide some hiding spots for your cats. Read our previous blog on this topic! Teach your children to leave your cat alone when they are in their safe place, during eating or while using the litter box. Make sure your kids can't have acces to the food and litter trays, you don't want them to mess around in there!

What are you waiting for? Time to adopt a cat!

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