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Did you know cats can heal bones?

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We all love the well-known sound of our little purry friends when we pet them or when they pass by our legs. It’s a magical sound for every cat owner out there. They must be enjoying our presence or they just like being pet, right? But did you know scientific research has shown there is more to purring than most cat owners might expect?

Only a few days after being born, cats are already capable of purring. This helps the mother to easily find her kittens when it’s feeding time. This could explain why adult cats purr when they are hungry or want to alert you when it’s dinner time. So next time when your cat is yelling to fill its little tummy, don’t forget: They can’t help it, that’s what they learned when they were young! Or cats will be cats, that’s could also be an explanation…

Did you know cats can heal bones? - My Purry Friends Blog

Purring is not only just a way for cats to be heard or to let us know they like us, but it also seems to have some unexpected healing effects. The vibrations caused by the purrs seem to be physically rejuvenating. The frequency range from 20Hz up to 150Hz and this can help accelerate the healing of bones and strengthen tissues. Basically, it’s a form of self-repair one could say. Next tot that, purring has a calming effect on people. A win-win situation!

Another good reason to keep your cat close. Cats will always have a dash of mystery and we love it!

Don’t forget to give them an extra pet or tickle today.

Enjoy your purring cat!

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