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Do cats like to be picked up?

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When you are a cat owner that loves their little purry friend and cares about them, then you probably like to pick them up once in a while. But do cats like to be picked up? A lot of cats actually don’t like this and will resist slightly. Other cats don’t tolerate this at all and will try to scratch and bite. But why do cats not like this and is there something you can do about it?

There a few reasons your cat doesn’t like to be picked up. When there is actual danger (or when they think there is), cats run away. That’s why a cat loves to be on four feet at all time. If a human suddenly decides to pick them up, they lose control of the situation and won’t be able to run away if they suspect any danger.

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If you think about it, cats will usually associate being picked up with a negative experience. What are the most common reasons to pick up your cat (besides cuddling of course)? For example, if they need to go the vet and you want to put them in their carrier. Or they are in a place they shouldn’t be and you pick them up to get them out of there and give them a lecture. Those aren’t usually the best memories for a cat.

If you decide to pick up your cat anyway, then you should keep in mind the best way to do this. Some cat owners like to pick them up like a baby and put them on their back. While a kitten may accept this, a lot of grown up cats won’t really like this. If you’re not sure what your cat prefers, then you don’t need to worry. They will quickly give you a signal by scratching or biting you! The best method is by holding one hand under their belly and using your other hand to support their back legs. If you wish to hold them for a longer time, try to let their front legs rest on your arm or shoulder so they feel comfortable and at ease.

If you use the proper technique when they are still kittens and continue to use it, then there shouldn’t be any problems normally in the future when they are grown up. Keep in mind, even if they are used to it, cats sometimes just prefer to walk on four legs. Cats will be cats!

Enjoy cuddling your cat!

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