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Do you have a copycat at home?

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All animals have the ability to learn, even snails! You can learn by trying out new things or just by looking at others that have already mastered a specific skill. The second option is perhaps the easiest one, because you already have the right example in front of you. Are cats able to learn new behavior by observing other cats? And do cats mirror their owner’s (yes, you!) personality?

Kittens learn from their mothers how to hunt and catch a prey. First, they start with bringing a dead prey and after that they will slowly give little animals that are still alive. This way, the kitten will learn how to catch a prey. This is a good example of learning by doing, not by observing.

Two cute cats My Purry Friends

However, kittens do learn by looking at their mother. They will quickly adapt to humans if they notice their mother is calm as well. On the other side, if a mother is scared, there is also a possibility they will copy the scared behavior. A kitten will also learn quicker how to properly groom when they can watch how their mother does it. Of course, this behavior is in their DNA, but having the right example makes things a lot easier.

It’s not surprising when young kittens learn something new from their parents. Cats however, are solitary animals. Is it possible for a grown-up cat to still learn something new from another cat? Unfortunately, not much scientific research has been done about this topic. We do know it is easier to learn something to a cat when they are watching another cat learning the behavior, instead of watching a cat that already knows the skill.

Other research has proven that cats could mimic traits from their owner. This study involved asking over 3,000 cat owners questions to determine different personality traits. The results stated that traits that were more prominent in the owners were also more observed in their purry friends. Another research found out some cats adopt the lifestyle of their owners. Is your cat a couch potato and does it like to sleep all day long? We wonder where they learned this behavior… Since most of us consider ourselves to be cat parents, we can only be proud if they aspire to be just like us. You know what they say: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Do you have a copycat at home?

My Purry Friends


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