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Does my cat miss me when I’m gone?

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Every day, you get up and go to work or to school. This also means every day you have to say goodbye to your cat until you are reunited in the evening when you get back home. Have you ever wondered if you cat misses you when you are gone?

We can’t speak for every cat out there, but we can definitely speak from our own experience. Cats can miss you and how this behavior is shown is different for every cat. Talk to other cat lovers and you will find out! Some cats start to meow or can’t seem to stop giving head butts. They will only stop if you give them some attention. Do you have a cat like this at home?

Is it possible cats can show signs of separation anxiety when they are left alone? This has been a great debate among scientists that have been researching this subject. One study showed that some cats show signs that could back up this theory. They start urinating outside of the litter box or start destroying stuff. Another study claims cats don’t attach to their owners in this way. The million-dollar question is of course: who is right?

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It’s not because experts can’t find a conclusion, that this doesn’t mean you can’t have a special bond with your cat. Cats are affectionate creatures, but not every cat shows this in the same way or needs as much quality time as others. Some cats prefer constant company and petting, while others can enjoy some alone time as well.

As much as you maybe would prefer this, you can’t stay in your home forever with your cat. Sometimes you just can’t avoid going outside. Try to find some ways to help your cat to cope with being alone. Again, not every cat has this problem. Some cats go on an adventure outside when you are not home. If they stay inside, make sure they have enough toys to entertain themselves in your absence. Besides this, don’t forget to fill their bowl, refresh their water and clean out their litter box.

Another good tip to not confuse your cat is by trying to stick to a routine as much as possible. You leave in the morning and come back in the evening is perhaps the easiest one for your cat to remember. If you come and go at random intervals throughout the day, your cat might get confused and worry when you will be back.

Let’s conclude cats miss us just as much as we miss them when we aren’t together, agree?

Enjoy the quality time!

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