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Fighting with the neighbor cat

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Do you live in a neighborhood where your cat is not the only one? Then there is a big chance your cat already had some encounters with them. There are exceptions, but this usually ends with attacking each other to defend their territory. Or maybe your cat is the one causing trouble? It’s a difficult problem, but in this blog we will discuss some tips you can use to handle this situation.

First things first, unfortunately there is no way to learn your cat how to not be afraid of the neighbor cat (or to stop harassing other cats if that’s the case). On the other side, it’s also difficult to make it clear to the other cat to stop visiting your garden. But this doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to be able to prevent this in the future. After all, you are the cat owner and you are responsible for how your cat behaves. Even if this includes hurting other animals. Having a cat is kind of like a marriage. You are there for them in good times, but also for the bad ones!

Screaming cat in garden My Purry Friends

Having different cats in the same neighborhood doesn’t necessarily always have to result in a fight. Some cats will make sure to let you know they saw you, but won’t really attack. Barking dogs never bite. But cats aren’t dogs, not even close. As you know, cats are predators, so don’t get your hopes up your cat is looking for peace!

Usually, there is only one cat your purry friends is having issues with. Do you know where that cat is coming from or do you have a good relationship with your neighbors? Try talking to them and see how you can figure it out together. Maybe a solution could be to set up some fixed times when their cat goes outside. At these times, you keep yours inside. This way you can avoid any confrontation. Of course, this isn’t always easy to arrange, but it’s worth the shot!

If this doesn’t work or you have no idea where the cat that is terrorizing the neighborhood is coming from, then the only thing you can do is to make sure other cats won’t be able to enter your garden. You can find some great ideas on the internet on how to build an outdoor cat enclosure to make your garden a safe haven again.  

Using these tips, you can make sure your cat won’t be bullied in the future anymore.

Good luck!


My Purry Friends

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