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Food you should never give to your cat

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Some cats are picky when it comes to food, other cats have no problem to eat whatever they find on the kitchen table. But are there some types of food that you should never give to your cat as a meal? It’s not because your cat likes something, that they are actually allowed to eat it. Find out in this blog what you can and cannot give to your little purry friend to keep it healthy!


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A lot of humans are addicted to chocolate. They could eat it at any moment of the day. But just like dogs, you should never give a piece to your cat! Keep all the products that contain chocolate far away, because they are toxic to cats and could even result in death in large quantities. Hide your chocolate bars, hot cocoa and other cocoa products to keep your cat safe. Small amounts from any kind of chocolate, even white, can be dangerous.

Dairy Products

This may come as a surprise to most cat owners, because cats seem to enjoy milk. Even on tv or in films, cats are always treated on a nice cup of milk. But in reality, dairy products aren’t that healthy for cats. This also includes other dairy products such as cheese, butter etc. Many cats are lactose intolerant, but not all of them. Still, it’s better to keep dairy products away from your cat to be sure.


At first, it may not look like an attractive treat a cat would love but you still have to be careful with processed food or while preparing food that contain onions. This could negatively affect their red blood cells.

These are just a few products you shouldn’t give to your cat. Give them special cat food everyday and your cat will thank you! Don’t forget to give them the occasional catnip!


My Purry Friends

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