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Happy Black Cat Day!

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October 27 is a special day for all the black cats out there, because it is National Black Cat Day! That is why we decided to dedicate this blog post to black cats. Here are five interesting facts about black cats you probably didn’t know!

 Black Cat Day - My Purry Friends

  1. Black cats can bring good luck

Yes, you are reading this correctly, we wrote GOOD luck! Many people believe black cats are a sign of bad luck, but this is not the case in every culture. A lot of places in the world consider these black little purry friends as a lucky charm! For example, in Great-Britain or Japan, if you see a black cat crossing your path, it is sign good things will happen to you.  

  1. More than one black cat

When you imagine a black cat, it’s easy: completely black and copper-eyed. This is called the Bombay Breed. But did you know there are a whopping 22 different breeds of cats that have solid black coats? Examples are the Scottish Fold, the Norwegian Forest Cat and many more.

  1. Tommaso, the millionaire black cat

In 2011, an Italian black cat named Tommaso inherited over $13 million from its 94-year-old owner who unfortunately past away. Imagine all the pizzas with tuna he could buy with that!

  1. Halloween and black cats

With Halloween around the corner, and keeping in mind many people still associate black cats with evil and bad luck, it is better to keep your black cat inside around this time of the year. Black cats often suffer cruelty and harm during the Halloween season, so better be safe than sorry!

  1. They are more resistant to disease

The gene that causes these cats to be black might make them resistant to disease. The mutation is in the same genetic family as genes known to give humans resistance to diseases like HIV. Maybe some day scientists will find a cure for HIV due to black cats. Didn’t we tell you black cats don’t bring bad luck at all?


Enjoy your day and don’t forget to say hi when you see a black cat!


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My Purry Friends

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