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How to handle a bored cat

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A day in the life of a cat usually looks the same: eat, sleep, play and repeat. It may not appear at first sight, but cats can get bored as well. If there is no stimulation or a challenging environment, boredom may strike and your cat may even end up feeling lonely. This is something every loving cat owner wants to prevent! But how do we do this?

As you know from previous blog articles, cats are real hunters and need to hunt on a daily basis to fulfill this need. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to catch an actual prey, but it does mean they need to follow some steps so it may feel like they are hunting something. For example: spot a prey, chase it or wait to attack and of course finally catch it! This “prey” could be anything. It can be their favorite toy, a ball or even a laser light they are trying to catch.

When cats can’t hunt or entertain themselves, they get bored. This is usually when they start doing stuff they are not supposed to do. At this stage, cats create their own entertainment. A predator is focused on movement, so if nothing is moving, why not do it yourself? This may explain why your cat is randomly pushing stuff off the table. Have you ever seen a cat flushing the toilet? The internet is full of funny cat videos demonstrating this behavior! What happens when cat do this? They get action and distraction! On top of that, the owner will usually react too, which makes it more exciting as well for the cat.

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The easiest solution is evidently playing with your cat. You probably have a lot of toys at home, but these can lose their attraction after a while because it’s not new and attractive anymore.  Best thing to do is just challenge your cat yourself and let them run and jump.

It’s a common misunderstanding every cat needs to play at least 30 minutes a day. Of course, cats need to move and play, but for some cats 5 minutes is already a good amount of time to start with. Don’t forget cats have a short attention span. Find out what they like and when it’s time to stop. After all, nobody else knows your purry friend better than you!

Make sure you don’t end up with a frustrated cat: Don’t stop the game when they are still full of energy and let them “catch” the toy once in a while. Playing a game isn’t fun when you can never win, right?

Enjoy the games!


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