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How to help your cat go to the vet

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Going to the doctor is usually not something we look forward to. This feeling also applies when your cat has to bring a visit to the vet. They never asked for it, so why should they like it? Of course it’s for their own good, but usually your cat doesn’t realize you are just trying to help them. Some cats are scared, others will go crazy and will try everything to escape the vet’s table. In this blog we will give some tips to make your next visit less stressful for you and your cat.

Everything starts with the trip to the veterinarian. This is usually easier said than done. Check out our previous blog with 8 tips to easily transport your cat. You can’t comfort your cat at the vet if you never reach your destination in the first place! Don’t forget to be patient and be prepared for everything. Make sure your cat is used to the carrier and you will already be halfway.

Once you’ve made it to the vet, it’s important to give your cat the time it needs to feel at ease. Leave your cat in the carrier until it makes the decision to finally come out. There are a lot of carriers where you can take the top of. This way, your cat will still feel safe. Talk to your vet and ask them to give enough time to your cat to come out. If they grab your cat by the loose skin at the back of their neck to force them out, it’s time to find a new vet!

Relaxing cat

Some cats feel safer in the dark. That’s why they enjoy having a towel over the carrier. You can use this same towel at the table of the vet to give them something they recognize. If your vet doesn’t need to check out it’s head, you can always loosely put the towel over your cat’s head. Don’t worry, it usually calms them down and if they don’t like, they will surely let you know!

You may have the reflex to hold on tight to your cat, but this could have the opposite effect. Giving them space will calm them down. You can use your arm to make a big circle around the cat, so they get the feeling of being protected without being pushed or forced.

A lot of cat owners don’t like to give their cat medication, which is perfectly understandable! It’s important to think how you can help your cat. Discuss this with your vet and find out what you can do. Sometimes it is the only solution to avoid a big panic attack from your cat.

If the above tips don’t help, make sure to ask your veterinarian how you can avoid this next time when your bring a visit.

Good luck!

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