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How to Keep Your Cat Comfortable During Winter

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Winter is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It’s cold, but playing in the snow and enjoying those vibes is a great feeling! The end of January is approaching, but you will have to be a little bit more patient if you love spring or summer. For us humans, this means roaring cozy fires or warm blankets when the weather is bad. What does your cat think of snow and cold weather?

Cats and other felines are heat-seekers. This is why they love to relax in the sun, get close to a fire or enjoy the heat of your laptop while you actually should be working! If there’s a warm spot to be found at your place, they will find it. Cats like to be comfortable and the most comfortable cat is a warm cat.

You may wonder if cats can get cold. When we get cold, we wear a warm jacket, a scarf or anything else that will keep us warm. Unless your purry friend is a hairless or very short-haired breed, they won’t have much problems outside. They typically have warm coats. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible for them to still get cold.

The best way to make sure your cat is safe, warm and comfortable is to keep it inside. An indoor cat can be just as happy as an outdoor cat. Read some tips in our previous blog post regarding this topic. However, not every cat owner agrees to keep it inside at any time of the year.

Cat sitting outside in the snow

Make sure your cat has some warm spots where they can rest or relax. A pet bed, soft blanket or towel are definitely some options your cat will enjoy. (Yes, we sell soft beds!) It’s also important to give your cat the right nutritious diet in order to maintain a thick and healthy coat. When you leave the house, don’t turn off the heat. Keep your cat’s comfort in mind at all times. Your cat will thank you!

To end this blog, we will give you a last suggestion to keep your cat warm and we’re pretty sure you will like it! One of the best ways to keep your cat (and yourself) warm during a cold winter, is to cuddle together on the couch. A win-win if you ask us!

Stay warm and don’t forget to take a look around on our website!

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