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How to prevent and treat hairballs in cats

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National Hairball Awareness Day is around the corner. This holiday is “celebrated” each year on the last Friday of April. You might think: “National Hairball what day?”. This day has been launched in 2006 and was created to help educate people about hairballs. This year it is scheduled on Friday April 24.

When you have a cat in your family, we don’t have to make you aware of the existence of hairballs. A hairball now and then can’t harm, right? This is why Hairball Awareness Day exists. Let’s get back to the start and explain why and how hairballs are formed. Every cat likes to groom and clean themselves. This normal grooming behavior usually results in your cat swallowing some hair. The majority of the swallowed hair follows the normal way out (if you understand what we mean). However, if some hair remains in the stomach, it can form a hairball.

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Hairballs in cats are a natural way for a cat to get rid of this hair in their stomach, but it’s not fun at all. Try to pay attention or write down what the frequency is of your cat coughing up hairballs. Hairballs could be a sign of a more serious health issue going on. If they occur frequently or more than usual, it’s time for a trip to the veterinarian. Other symptoms might be retching, vomiting or coughing without any hairballs.

Back in 2006 the National Museum of Health and Medicine created this day because they wanted to make sure every pet owner (and especially cat owners) would be aware of why it is essential to pay attention to hairballs. Usually, the hairballs are thin and tube-like because they pass through the narrow esophagus of your cat.

So what can you do on this day? Check up on your purry friend today and take a look at how their health has been recently. Give them a pet (maybe even more than usual!) and watch out for hairballs in the upcoming weeks. Let others know what Hairball Awareness Day is all about to keep every cat out there happy and healthy! Check out the Cat Brush Comb in our store to remove all the excess hair and give a well-deserved massage to your purry friend at the same time!

Happy Hairball Awareness Day!


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