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How to stop or prevent a cat from begging

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You probably like to spoil your cat to give them all the love they need and deserve. Even when it seems they have everything their heart desires, they sometimes can’t stop trying to get your delicious food as well. Preventing this habit can be challenging, but it is certainly possible to achieve. In this blog we will walk you through how you can apply some tips to get your purry friend on the right track.

When a cat meows, you usually talk back. It would be rude to not reply when your cat is trying to have a conversation with you, right? Your cat doesn’t get food this way, but at least they are already receiving some attention. From past experiences, they have probably learned that if they hold on long enough, they will be rewarded with food after all. It doesn’t matter what time it is, sometimes they will even try it in the middle of the night.

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Usually it’s easy: a cat eats cat food, a human eats human food. Simple, no? Unfortunately, once a cat discovers your food is tasty (sometimes even tastier!) as well, it’s not simple at all anymore. They will try every trick from the book and begging is definitely one of them. As a pet parent, it’s just sometimes very difficult to say no to them. If you can prevent them from begging in the first place, you won’t have to say no at all!

The first thing you should do is establishing a positive feeding pattern. Make a cat-free zone of the table you use to eat, regardless of whether it’s dinner time or not. Every time you cat attempts to jump on the table, firmly say “no” and remove them from the dinner table. Next, make sure to only feed your cat in her own dish. Don’t give them the plates you would use yourself to eat. Remove any leftover food from the counters or tables, so you aren’t giving them the chance to develop the habit of wanting human food.

A good tip is feeding your cat just before you are going to eat. When your cat is full, it’s unlikely they will beg for extra food. On top of that, most cats like to take a nap or groom themselves after a meal. If your cat is begging anyway, ignore it! Don’t give any attention at all or they will keep on trying. If this still doesn’t work, you can put your cat in time out. Put them in a room with the door closed while it’s dinner time. If they can’t see the food, they can’t beg. After a few days, you can try again and see how it goes.

Consistency will be key to prevent your cat from begging during dinner time!

Good luck!

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