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How To Understand The Body Language Of Your Cat

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The body language of a cat is an important tool to understand how a cat is feeling. If you are a fan of our blogs, you may have already seen the blog about what your cat’s tail can tell you (a must-read), but there is a lot more that can help you recognize what they might be thinking. Body language can also help you understand a lot better how cats communicate with other cats and what they really think of each other.

Two important signs that can tell you more about the current mood of your cat is its body posture and the shape of their eyes. Do they have a relaxed body posture and do the eyes have a normal shape? This means your cat is probably relaxed and happy. It doesn’t matter whether they are standing, lying down or sitting. A happy cat will usually close their mouth and have their ears in a natural position. A worried or scared cat will try to hide or crouch.

Cat sniffing grass in the garden

An angry cat on the other hand is not so difficult to identify. Every cat owner knows when it’s time to give their cat some time alone, because they won’t hesitate to scratch you! A few signs of an angry cat: Your cat’s body will be flattened or their back is arched, pupils are dilated, their mouth is open and tense and their ears are flattened to the head. It’s not a good idea to try to cuddle when you recognize this behavior.

Now you know a bit more about how your cat feels, but what about the communication between two cats? Sometimes, cat owners think their cats get along, but the reality is completely different. Cats don’t like a rival cat moving in on their turf, since they are territorial by nature. A cat staring at another cat is a way to show dominance and an attempt to scare them away. This can escalate in hissing or even a fight! Some assertive cats even block their way so the other cat(s) can’t pass. This creates a lot of stress, so it’s important to find a solution if this happens.

Have you ever seen your cat blink or slowly close their eyes to you or to another cat? This a more positive way of communicating. It means they have no problems with the other cat and they can eat, sleep or do whatever they want in peace! This eye contact also works between a human and your cat. Is your cat scared or aggressive? Try to make eye contact and slowly close your eyes. They will understand and it will comfort them. It’s a powerful way to remove tension and they usually will relax soon once they see this. Sometimes they even wink back!

Enjoy the company!

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