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How to work from home with a cat

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Working at home or flexible working arrangements have been around for a while. With COVID-19 in the picture, the value of working remotely has been proven without a doubt. Being able to get up and start working without having to commute can be priceless. There are a lot of advantages, but what if you aren’t the only one at home? What if you have children? Or cats?! In this blog we will share some tips on how you can handle your cat as your new colleague.

First of all, start with creating a good space to work. When you are working in the office, everybody has his own desk, so why not do the same in your home office? Cats seem to have a crazy obsession to sit on every keyboard they see whenever you have to work. Strangely enough, they lose their interest when you don’t need it… Perhaps they just can’t get enough of you? Even if we love our cats to the moon and back, sometimes you just have to work. Cat or no cat, the work needs to be done! (You can always try to send a picture of your cat to your boss, but we aren’t sure this will always work!)

To prevent this, it is essential you create a space for your cat where they can be comfortable and relax while you are working. If they really want to be close to you, you can try a kitty hammock and hang it near your workspace. This way, they can nap and still be close to you. If this doesn’t help, you can put them in a separate room with enough of things to do so they don’t get bored. Make sure they have access to enough water and their litter box.

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If you keep your cat(s) around anyway, make sure to cat-proof your workspace. Don’t keep small items hanging around. Office supplies such as rubbers, paperclips or other small items need to be stored in your draws. A good tip is to gather the power cords in a bundle and make sure your cat doesn’t have access to them by tucking them away safely. Eventually your cat will get used to this new home office, but it’s important to not leave your cat alone there in the beginning until they understand the basic rules.

Working hard is important, but taking a break once in a while is also vital! Having a cat at home can be the perfect distraction for you and for your favorite purry friend. Set up some designated break times to have some quality time. Instead of have a chat with a co-worker at the coffee machine, you can play with your cat. Sounds tempting, right? If you initiate playtime each time, your cat will learn this and won’t develop the habit of bothering you each time they want to play. This way, you can also keep your busy schedule under control while giving your cat the necessary attention. A win-win if you ask me! Remember, you are the boss in your house, not the other way around!

Enjoy your new colleague!

My Purry Friends

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