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Is my cat a Rolling Stone?

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We have all seen it before: suddenly our beloved pet feels the urge to drop to the ground and roll on its back. Although it is always cute to see, the question arises: are they just trying to be cute (which is working) or is there more to it than that?

An obvious reason when a cat rolls on its back, is when they are trying to get your attention. If they always do this when you are ready to leave or just come back from work, it is a clear sign they just want some attention. So, what are you waiting for? Pet that little purry friend! Cats will remember they get “rewarded” with a pet for rolling, so they will do it again. Cats love routine, so what better way to start your day than with a rolling cat?

Don’t forget, a cat will only roll on its back and expose its belly when it feels safe and secure. This is a very vulnerable moment for your cat. They only do it when they are in a relaxed state. When a cat does this, it’s their way of saying they trust you.

Rolling cat - My Purry Friends

Another reason for rolling on their back is to mark their territory. Rolling on the ground makes it possible to spread the cat’s scent. Cats mainly communicate with scents, that is why their scent glands on their cheeks are so sensitive and important for a cat. Rolling on the floor will tell other cats that they have been there and already claimed the spot.

Next to that, your cat may just have a little itch that they are trying to scratch. A simple roll on the back usually does the trick. Maybe humans just overthink everything and your cat is just enjoying life… We can surely learn a thing or two from our pets!

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 Who said cats were lazy? Time to rock 'n' ROLL!


My Purry Friends

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