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Is my cat able to count?

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The intelligence of cats has been a topic of a few studies performed by researchers. Some cat owners sometimes claim that cats are too smart to do the kind of tricks dogs are willing to do. Other people say they are unintelligent because it’s harder to train them to learn tricks. How smart is your cat? And is it able to count?

As with many questions concerning cats, it’s a tough one to answer. Some studies believe cats have the ability to recognize different quantities. Does this mean they can count as well? First of all, we have to ask the question: “Why would a cat even need to count?”. Wild animals sometimes need this ability to relate numbers to sounds. Lion prides for example, would either proceed with their attack or retreat depending on how many animals it sounded like that were approaching if it was too far to see.

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Domestic cats don’t have this problem, so why even bother trying to count? A popular theory is that a cat would need to count to keep track of her kittens. Assuming this is true, only female cats would need this ability. It’s more likely cats use their sense of smell or hearing to find out whether a kitten has gone missing.

The problem with researching whether cats are capable of quantitative reasoning, let alone counting, is their unwillingness to participate in any task researchers would present. If you are cat lover as well, you won’t find it hard to believe this!

To end, it seems there is no conclusive evidence that shows cats are able to count. Maybe they can, but they just hide it? The question is whether cats need this in order to survive. It’s no easy task to measure a cat’s ability to count. The more you find out about cats, the more you realize they are full of mysteries!

Cats are a mystery worth watching!

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