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Top 5 Most Cat-Friendly Cities in the United States

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There are cat lovers all over the world, but some of them congregate a little thicker in certain areas. Cat people find each other through their common obsession with felines. In some regions you may find it easier to connect with a fellow cat lover.

A recent study from Petlisted reveals which city is considered the most cat-friendly in the United States. Find out if your city made made the list!

  1. Birmingham, Alabama

The 11th largest city in America is a wonderland for cats as 81% of all available rental properties allow felines. This Southern city offers everything cat families need, from American Association of Feline Practitioners clinics to feline retail. 

  1. Portland, Oregon

In the Pacific Northwest Portland is the place to be for cat lovers and their cats. They almost won first place but the largest city of Oregon had fewer pet supply stores compared to other cities. 

  1. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison has the second-highest number of AAFP certified vet clinics per capita in the country and therefore claims 3rd place for cat-friendliness. 

  1. Richmond, Virginia

In terms of cat care, Richmond scores top for animal shelters & welfare groups, as well as for AAFP certified cat vets, even though it is only the 4th largest city in VA. 

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

The majority of the housing options in the 45th largest city in the United States permit cats as tenets. Minneapolis also has a large number of animal welfare groups and pet stores.

Didn’t find your city in the top 5? Check if your city is ranked in the top 10 most cat-friendly cities in the US below. If not, maybe it’s time to move somewhere your cat love can be truly appreciated!

 2021 Most Cat-Friendly US Cities

Courtesy of Petlisted

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