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Top-5 products to buy on Black Friday in 2020

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Hallelujah! It’s that time of the year again: Thanksgiving is coming closer and we all know what that means! A nice Turkey? Spending quality time with family? A lot of love and warmth? Yes, but there’s even more!

Black Friday is coming up!

Here is our personal top-5 so you know what to buy. Click the title of each product to go directly to the product page.  Lots of discounts guaranteed! 

The Ultimate Waterproof Cat Litter Mat is the ideal solution to the usual litter box mess! Thanks to the two-layer design, the litter falls through the holes and gets trapped between the two layers. The clean litter can easily be recycled and put back into the litter box. 

What's the result?  A clean house, a clean cat and a happy cat owner!

This bowl is specifically created for cats to help them eat in peace without making a mess. It is designed with a tilt of 15° to prevent food from scattering all over the place. Additionally, the angle provides a healthy eating position and makes sure your cat’s whiskers won’t touch the edges ever again. 

Research has shown it’s healthier for cats to eat in a more elevated position, so what are you waiting for?

Did you know an average cat sleeps for about 2/3 of their life? So why not give them a nice warm bed to give them sweet dreams (yes, they dream!) and that is actually proven by therapists to easy anxiety? 

On top of that, your cat will look super cute! A happy cat guaranteed with this Soft Plush Donut Bed!

Every cat owner knows the struggle of finding hair everywhere in your house. What if there was a way to solve this problem without even lifting a finger?

The Cat Self Groomer is the perfect solution for you! Removing dirt and loose fur from your cat while keeping your house fur-free! It can easily be fixed to the corner of a wall or to furniture.

Are you tired of all those boring cat beds out there? What if you could buy a bed that is funny and cute at the same time when your favorite pet is taking a well-deserved nap?

This Banana Bed is the perfect hideaway for your purry friend! It provides a comfortable, warm and secure feeling with the sheltered hood.


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Happy shopping!

My Purry Friends

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