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What can you do when your cat is scared of visitors?

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Some cats don’t care at all when friends or family bring a visit. For other cats, it’s a whole other story. Is your cat already looking for a place to hide when they hear footsteps at the door or when the doorbell rings? Find out what you can do to help your little scared friend!

Cats that have been used to seeing a lot of people when they were kittens usually don’t have any problem with visitors. It’s usually fun to have some variation during the day. Perhaps this stranger brought some delicious snacks? Cats that haven’t had much contact with humans in the first 14 weeks of their lives tend to be more scared than other cats. They like to get attached to one or two people at home, but seem to be afraid for other people. It’s difficult for them to cope with unexpected situations and can experience visitors as threatening. Even the doorbell can be enough to see them make a little jump in the air, or the so called “cat jump scare”!

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The big question is, is it necessary to do something about it? People have different personalities and some are more shy than others. This is also the case for cats. First, find out how scared your cat actually is. You don’t have to worry if your cat already enters the room after 10 minutes. However, if they are still upset after a few hours or even stop eating, then it’s time to look for a solution. If you don’t have visitors often, then maybe it’s not even a big problem to begin with.

There are a few tips you can use to make your cat more comfortable around other people. If your cat is showing extreme signs of fear, then it’s better to reach out to a professional and listen to their advice. The first tip is easy, make sure your cat doesn’t have to run anymore. Ask your friends or family to let you know when they are coming. This way, you can take or lure your cat to a safe place in your house. It could be your bedroom or another place your cat likes to hang out. Give them an extra treat and make sure they like it there. It’s their “cat cave” and visitors aren’t allowed!

If your cat isn’t so scared, you can open the door during their visit and they can decide for themselves if they want to come out or not. It gives them peace knowing they don’t have to run anymore and are already in a safe spot. If on the other hand your cat is really scared, then it is a good idea to see the cat when your visitors are at home. Give them a pet, talk to them and make it seem normal if there are other people at your home.

If you leave the door open and your cat finally decides it’s time to enter the living room, then make sure your visitors ignore the cat until it feels completely comfortable! This is crucial and will probably be the most difficult step of the process. Once they are at ease, they can give them a treat and enjoy each other’s company.

Good luck!

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