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What does your cat think about you and humans?

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Have you ever wondered what your cat thinks when it looks at you? You love them with all your heart, you play with them and give them all the attention they deserve. And yes, sometimes they even frustrate us and get under our skin, but we still love them no matter what! What do cats actually think about humans?

Spoiler alert: unfortunately, we haven’t invented a device that allows us to read their minds or to ask what they are thinking. But scientists and experts can help us to understand what they probably are thinking.

My Purry Friends - Curious cat

Every cat owner feeds their purry friend, cleans up after them, hugs, pets them and many more. But even if we do all these things, most of us don’t know how to truly listen to our cat. Reducing stress and creating a good environment can improve you cat’s health. Maybe you have told your cat a million times they can’t scratch the couch; you even shout or squirt water. It’s all useless, because they will probably do it again a few hours later or the next day. They choose to ignore you telling them what they can and can’t do. Cats are solitary hunters and never needed the skills to read social cues, let alone those to change their behavior.

Basically, your cat has no idea why you are raising your voice. You just want them to stop scratching the couch, but the only thing they see is a crazy human who is attacking or bothering them for no reason. This could cause stress and frustration, because your cat is just trying to perform natural feline activities. Cats could even get sick when they can’t express their natural behaviors. If they want to scratch something, try to put sisal rope on different spots in your house. This way, you are actually training your cat through their environment!

Now that we have established your cat has probably no idea why you are upset, it’s time to learn why your cat could be upset. You solved the scratching problem, but maybe they don’t like it that you put their food bowl next to the dryer? Or the litter box next to the washing machine? They just want to do their thing without being interrupted. Look for other activities that could upset them and try to find creative solutions for these problems. You may not be able to talk with words to each other, but there are plenty of ways to create a healthy relationship.

Your cat may not be as indifferent about you as it may seem at first sight. They actually want to bond and the best way to do so is by playing with them, giving them food and of course cuddling together!

Your cat may think you are just a crazy unpredictable primate, but they still care about you!

My Purry Friends

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