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What to do when introducing an extra cat in your home

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Do you already have a cute cat at home, but are you considering taking another one in your home to spoil it with love and attention? Maybe the cat of a friend or relative just had kittens and they are looking for people to adopt them? Adding a new cat to the family can be difficult for the new cat, but for the present one as well. In this blog you will find some tips and problems you should avoid when your cat family is expanding.

Take your time. This is the first rule you should always keep in mind when adopting a new cat and introducing it to your purry friend that was already living with you. Cats are territorial animals and they have to get used to the fact that they will have to share this in the future with somebody else (besides humans of course).


My Purry Friends - Two cats by the window

Here are some common problems that can cause stress with your current cat:

  • You introduced the two cats to each other too soon. They weren’t ready for it yet.
  • Their places to eat and drink are next to each other. Unlike humans, cats like to eat alone. Adding another cat while eating raises their stress level.
  • The new cat or kitten immediately gets the living room without any warning for your current cat. As mentioned before, cats like their territory and are not keen on giving this up.
  • There is no match. A cat older than 10 years that has been living alone its whole life matched with a young kitten might not be the best idea.

If it doesn’t work out at first, just start over completely. Separate the cats at least 48 hours in two different rooms and make sure they can not see each other. After this time, you can give it another shot. Bring some treats or a toy to the new meeting, so they are both distracted. Keep enough distance between the two cats. If you notice it might go wrong, you can quickly intervene and pick one up. Make sure the first meetings don’t take more than a few minutes. It’s better to schedule short meetings of a couple of minutes per day instead of a long one ending up in a fight! The golden rule is to give both cats enough time to adjust at their own pace.

You cats might get off to a rocky start, but give it some time and maybe they’ll become best friends in the future!

My Purry Friends

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