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What to do with an overweight cat?

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Cats could eat all day long, especially when you keep giving them their favorite treats. But who doesn’t like to spoil their cat? Guilty! It has been estimated nearly 60% of cats in the US are overweight. Is your cat one of them or are they just preparing for winter? This is a common issue among domestic cats. Especially for older cats, since their metabolism tends to slow down. What can you do about this?  

Let’s start with the beginning. How do you get an overweight cat and how do you recognize it? Just like with humans, the cause can be simple: eating too much and not exercising enough. When cats get older, they have less energy and tend to move less than they used to do. Usually the amount of food is not adjusted, which can cause an overweight cat. Age can just be one of the reasons. Young cats can also be affected by overweight. Even stress can affect your cat’s weight. Any easy trick to feel if your cat is overweight, is by touching its rib cage. If you can’t feel the ribs or have to press strongly in order to feel them, your cat might be overweight or even obese! Go to the vet to be sure and ask for any recommendations.


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The bigger the cat, the better? Unfortunately, there are also some downsides. An overweight cat can be vulnerable to some diseases. For example, diabetes, arthritis or they could even develop hart conditions. In extreme cases, some cats can have skin and fur problems since they are not able to wash them properly anymore.

Start with checking what your cat is eating throughout the day. Write down in a note book when and what you give your cat. This way you will get a clear picture of the problem. Maybe your purry friend is also getting treats from the neighbor? Ask your vet how much you can give and what kind of food. Every cat is different, so get some advice from an expert! Make sure to not change the food pattern too abruptly. Going from feeding six times a day to two times a day could cause a lot of stress and confusion. Give your cat the necessary time to adjust.

Finally, make sure your cat gets enough exercise. Use toys to get your cat moving! It’s also some extra quality time, two birds with one stone! Additionally, you can buy toys that give them a challenge before they get their food. 

Remember, a healthy cat is a happy cat.

Good luck!


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