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When cats bring you “gifts”

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When you’re a cat owner with a cat that loves to play outdoor, you have probably already received some “gifts”. Without any warning, they suddenly appear on your doorstep with a dead mice or bird. Is bringing home a prey really a gift from your cat or are they trying to say something else to you?

One theory that could explain this behavior is flattering for humans. Many people believe cats bring us their prey to show they like or love us. Unfortunately, we will have to burst this bubble. Cats don’t give presents. Not to other cats and not to humans. By their nature, cats are solitary animals and like to be left alone most of the time. Domestic cats however, are able to form close bonds to people. Maybe your cat is an exception and they are actually giving you gifts?


My Purry Friends - Cat in tree

Cats are proud to show what they caught is another explanation invented by humans. Hunting is an instinct for your animal and has nothing to do with pride. It is embedded in their DNA. Of course, cats will be happy with the attention they receive when you congratulate them and cover them with love and attention. On the other side, not everybody is as happy to suddenly see a dead mouse or bird on their front porch.

Or maybe cats see us as their kittens and have the need to nurture us? No, unfortunately not. It’s very unlikely our beloved pets see us as their kittens and feel the need to feed us. If you have a male cat at home, then you can be sure they are definitely not nurturing you. This is simply because they are not involved in the education of their kittens, this is all done by the mom.

The most obvious explanation is that your cat is bringing home their prey for themselves. This is their home and this is where they feel safe to eat. Maybe they are saving it for later? Cats who just put it there and never touch it again, might do this because it’s in their instinct to always return to the heart of their territory. Some cats even put all their mice and birds on a row. Experts haven’t found a reason for this behavior yet. Are they bringing presents for us after all?

Is your cat on an adventure right now? Maybe it is looking for a “gift” for you right now!


My Purry Friends

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