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When do kittens leave the nest?

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Maybe you were lucky and your cat recently welcomed a few new kittens into the world. Or you know a friend where the family expanded with some extra cuties? But when are kittens old enough to leave the nest and explore the world on their own?

When kittens reach the age of 4 weeks old, their mom will begin to wean her kittens. This means it’s time for them to learn there are other ways to feed their little tummies and not only by getting it from mom. This could be by showing them how to hunt, where they can find solid food or encourage them to look elsewhere for food. They sometimes even growl at their own kittens! All kittens should be eating solid food when they are 8-12 weeks. After this, they are ready to leave the nest.

Two cute kittens My Purry Friends

Once a kitten has left the nest, your cat may be upset in the beginning. It might be the case she is looking for them or meows to find them. Rest assured this is normal behavior and only lasts for a couple of days. After this, mom will go back to her normal routine. For humans, this might seem cold, but this is natural for cats. The kittens will grow up and live their own lives. Who knows, they might have kittens some day of their own! A kitten might also be down or confused in the beginning when first leaving the nest, but this will also change after a few days.

Have you wondered what would happen whey you would reunite them some day? For humans it’s easy, a mom will always recognize her child. However, for cats this is not the case. A mom and her kittens together have a unique smell that all of them will recognize. Once they are separated, this scent will be gone and they will smell like their new home. This is the same case for siblings. For them, it’s the same as bringing a stranger home.

Do you have a kitten at home? Don’t forget to cuddle with them today!

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