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Why are cats always cleaning themselves?

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A well-known fact for any cat owner out there is that cats love to sleep. However, when they are awake, you can see them cleaning themselves (or one of their friends). But do you know why cats do this, besides obtaining a beautiful fur?

One of the handy tools a cat has to clean their fur is of course their tongue. Cat tongues are covered with little barbs, which are called papillae. This has the advantage when a cat is licking itself, not only the dust will come out of the coat, but it also pulls out any loose hairs as well. Every time your cat licks itself, it swallows dirty loose hair. Unfortunately, hair cannot be digested and hairballs are formed. If you notice your cat is struggling with hairballs, a good tip is to add some olive oil to his or her food. But don’t exaggerate!

My Purry Friends - Grooming cat

Their tongue is not the only instrument a cat can use to get clean. As you definitely have seen before, cats lick the insides of their front paws and then start washing their ears and face. They use this technique because they simply cannot reach that area with their tongue.

When you see two cats grooming each other, it is called allogrooming. This is a gesture to show affection or protection. Some areas are difficult to reach, even with their front paws, so a buddy or sibling can be useful to help!

One last tip: If you notice your cat stops grooming itself, it means he or she is in trouble. A healthy cat will always groom itself, so if notice your cat is not grooming itself, it is time for another trip to the vet!

Want to help them (literally) a hand? Buy the grooming glove in our store now! It will help to prevent hairballs and you will find less hair on your clothes and furniture. So why wait?


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