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Why cats fight and how to stop it

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Do you have more than one cat at home and you see them fighting sometimes but don’t know what to do? A cat fight is actually a natural behavior. But there is a reason cats fight. To prevent these cat fights in the future or to get them to stop, it is important to understand what caused the fight in the first place.

Sometimes, cats fight with each other. It’s just in their nature and they can’t help it. Have you introduced a new cat to your family, but it doesn’t go as smoothly as you hoped for? Maybe you might already have gotten the advice to just let them fight. They say it will allow them to create a hierarchy and restore the order at your home. Don’t listen, this is terrible advice! Cats are solitary animals, so they don’t know hierarchy. Unfortunately, a lot of people do think this exists among cats. Fighting, peeing in the house, scratching etc. are not signs of dominance! A lot of cats have an attitude, but that’s a whole different story we can keep for another blog article.


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Let’s look at three possible reasons your cat is fighting:

  1. Territory

As you probably know, cats are territorial animals. If necessary, they will fight to protect their territory, especially if they feel threatened. This usually happens outside your home when your cat encounters the neighbor’s cat.

  1. Aggression

Just like with humans, every cat has a different personality. Male cats usually tend to be more aggressive than female cats. Fighting could be a way to act out their aggression.

  1. Playing

Cats like to play with each other and sometimes this can seem like a fight. Try to observe what’s going on, because the situation can easily escalate into a real fight!


Now, what can you do when your beloved cats are fighting? Your instinct might be to immediately separate them, but there is a big chance you will be scratched as well! A good way to stop the fighting is by trying to distract them. Maybe use a toy that makes a sound to get their attention?

A last advice we want to give: don’t be aggressive towards your cats! This will only make the situation worse. Try to understand why they were fighting in the first place and remove the cause. If you are introducing a new cat and it didn’t go as planned, you can try to separate them from each other and try again in a few days. If you still haven’t found the reason they are fighting, get out there and talk to an expert!

Good luck!

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  • Any bad behavior our two cats act out, we squirt with a spray bottle filled with regular water. It works great…also good for training “NO” behaviors. After a bit they just see the spray bottle and they obey.


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