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5 Reasons Why Cats Scratch Their Ears

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We all know cats like to scratch a lot of things (especially our furniture!), but we sometimes notice our cats are scratching their ears more than usual. Do you know why cats do this? Let's start scratching the surface and find some answers! Here are 5 reasons that can explain this behavior:

1. Itch

The first explanation is the most obvious one. If something itches, you need to scratch, right? Just like humans, a sudden itch can appear and there is nothing better than the feeling of hitting the right spot! Something could have tickled their ear or a breath of air is sometimes already enough to trigger the itch. 

2. Parasites

Parasites like fleas ore ticks are definitely bugs that you don't want to find in the ears of your purry friend. It's important to act accordingly as soon as you notice these uninvited creatures on your cat. They can spread over any area of your cat's body. Try to treat them with flea repellant you can find in any specialized animal store. If this doesn't work, repeat it another time or bring a visit to the vet. 

Cat Scratching Ears

 3. Dirt

Sometimes there doesn't have to be a serious reason. Some dirt might have settled in their ears and they are trying to get it out. If you see them scratching more than usual, check if you don't see anything in or around their ears that is not supposed to be there.

4. Allergies

Another explanation is that your cat may be suffering from an allergic reaction. There a lot of factors that can trigger this. It could be different materials, toys or even food. Did you recently change something in your house or in their diet that could cause this reaction? A common allergy is skin allergy. Fortunately, there is special cat food available that mitigates the effect.

5. Poor Hygiene

Grooming is an important ritual for cats. Your cat may fail to do this properly. It could be an indication something is going on, so it can't harm to bring a visit to the vet. 

Enjoy the scratching! 

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