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Why do cats carry food out of their bowl to eat?

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 It’s dinner time and you have prepared a nice meal for your little purry friend. Their bowl is filled with their favorite food. Instead of just eating out of the bowl, they use their cute little paws to scoop some food out of the bowl. Sometimes they eat it just next to the bowl, but when they feel like it, they drag it across the room to eat it somewhere else. Do you recognize this? Why do cats do this?

Most cat behavior can be explained by looking back at their ancestors. A majority of cats (even domestic) are solitary hunters and eaters. Their instinct tells them to take their “prey” to a private place where they can eat in peace without anybody else interrupting them. Leopards and cheetahs, for example, show this behavior in the wild to make sure nobody can steal their freshly caught dinner. Even if your cat is the only one at home, their instincts still might tell them to do this.


My Purry Friends - Cat on table

Another reason to explain this, is still linked with their instincts of living outside. While hunting, they always needed their paws to grab their prey. Maybe you have seen this already before when you see them occasionally hunt for mice or birds? Your cat is probably still doing this, because it is in their DNA!

Perhaps you also need to look for the reason of your cat’s behavior in their bowl. If the bowl is too deep, they will prefer to use their paws to take the food. Otherwise, their whiskers might touch the edges. A cat’s whiskers are very sensitive. Next to that, cats aren’t able to see what’s going on in their surrounding environment if the bowl is too deep. As you know, cats like to have control over every situation! Try to give them a shallow or wide bowl instead.

Do you have more than one cat at home? Then they just want to eat privately without any other cat disturbing them. Even when they get along, cats prefer to eat alone. What seems to be bizarre for humans, is perfectly normal for a cat. Imagine what your cat thinks when it sees you sitting down with the whole family to eat at a table!

My Purry Friends

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  • Haha, always wondered why they did this. It’s cute though lol


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