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Why Do Cats Dig In Litter?

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Have you ever wondered why cats like to dig in their litter box before they do their thing? And what can you do if your cat is excessively digging in the litter box? There is actually more to it than meets the eye. Some cats seem to be training for the Olympics when they start digging in the litter box. (Did we miss this Olympic announcement?!) Read more to find out! 

As you may know from previous blogs, cats are very clean animals. This is why they like to groom themselves once in a while for example. They won't use the litter box when it's dirty. A simple explanation could be that they are trying to make sure they found a clean spot and to create a small pit. Once they are done, they carefully bury it. In some cases, they will smell it and bury it even more until they are satisfied. 

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Unfortunately, researchers have not come to a conclusion yet on why cats exactly do this. However, there are a few theories that try to explain this behavior. Hygienic reasons is a first obvious explanation. By covering their pee or stool, it reduces the odor and will prevent diseases or parasites from coming over. Don't forget to change the litter box on time as well! Another reason is that they don't want to attract other cats. It doesn't matter if you have only one cat at home, but it was important for wild cats before being domesticated. Cats will smell stool of other cats a lot longer than their own. This suggests it can give them some information about the other cat. If you don't want this to happen, then you just simply cover it up! 

Next to this, there are also cats that start digging minutes before and after using the litter box or scratching the side of the box. Sounds familiar? This is actually a way to show their frustration according to vets. They will use the litter box, but they are actually not super happy to use it. It could be that your cat doesn't like the type of litter you use. Try to experiment with different structures and see how your cat reacts. 

If your cat always used to burry its stool and suddenly stops doing this, it should be a red flag. If you did not change anything about the litter box, then it's always a good idea to bring a visit to the vet. A simple urine check is a first step to see if there is something wrong. 

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Happy digging!

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