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Why do cats get stuck in trees and what can you do?

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Cats are elegant and majestic creatures. They are agile and seem to be able to climb up wherever or whatever they want. However, one of their weaknesses seems to be a simple tree. Have you ever wondered why cats are able to climb up a tree but then suddenly don’t know how to get down? Let’s find out in this new blog!

Before a cat can get stuck in a tree, you might wonder why they are up there in the first place. If they don’t go up, they can’t get stuck, right? Unfortunately, this is not how cats think. There a several reasons that can explain this behavior.

Cat in a a tree My Purry Friends

As you know, cats are hunters and they like to hunt their preys. Hunting is one of their favorite activities! It’s very likely cats are chasing a mouse or bird and follow them in a tree without realizing or understanding where they are actually going. Once they have realized where they are, it might already be too late.

Cats might also get in trees when they feel threatened or think they are in danger. This could be due to another cat, strangers, loud machinery, etc. If you have a cat at home, you will understand cats are easily scared by things they don’t know or don’t expect. A last option is the fact cats maybe just like to climb trees because they can and it’s fun? 

“If they can climb trees so easily, why can’t they get down?” you might wonder. Cat claws are perfectly designed to get upwards, but once they get too high, they notice getting down is not so easy after all. Their curved claws that are the ideal tools to get up are the same reason it’s difficult to climb down. Think about it. When your cat climbs stuff in your home and it wants to get down, does it climb down or does it jump down? Usually, it jumps and a tree is simply too high to jump down.

So what can you do when they get stuck? First of all, don’t panic and remain calm. Your cat will sense panic or stress as well. It’s not necessary to call the fire department right away as you might have seen on TV. There are a few simple things you can try first. Use some of your cat’s favorite treats to lure them. If this doesn’t work, you can try to climb up after your cat. Watch out! Only try this when it is not too high and when you are physically able to do this. Make sure you don’t do this alone! Only try this when your cat is relatively calm and trusts you.

Another option is to build a ramp using a board or something else you can find. This might be the extra push your cats needs to find an easy way down. This is also a lot safer than climbing up the tree yourself!

If this still doesn’t help, it is time to call a professional! Call your local animal shelter or fire department. They will be able to give you advice and help you.

Good luck!

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