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Why do cats prefer running water?

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As a cat owner, you probably already know a cat can have some weird habits. They nap in the weirdest places, they like to ignore us, bump their head against your leg to say hi, they like to knock things over for no apparent reason and the list goes on… But at the end of the day, cats will be cats and we will love them no matter what. You may also have noticed that cats prefer to drink running water instead of standing water from a bowl. But why?

When dogs are thirsty, they have no problem drinking from whatever water they find. It could be their bowl, a muddy puddle or even an open toilet bowl sometimes does the trick! Cats however are a lot pickier (of course there are exceptions!) when it comes to drinking.

There are several reasons that could explain why your cat is not drinking from the fresh bowl of water that you prepared. A first reason is that their wild DNA tells them it is safer to drink running water. Still water can be contaminated. Better safe than sorry!

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Another reason is just more practical. As you know, the whiskers of a cat are very sensitive. When they lower their head to drink, their whiskers could touch the edges of the bowl, which can be very uncomfortable for a cat. Some stainless steel bowls show the reflection of the cat, which could scare them while eating.

In a previous blog, we discussed already how amazing the sense of smell is of a cat. Unlike humans, cats can actually smell water. This is a very useful skill in a dry environment. A good tip is to separate their food and water with at least half a room, never put them together! The litter tray should be in a completely different room to make sure your cat is always at ease.

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