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Why it’s important to let your cat play and here is how to do it

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Nowadays, a lot of attention is given to the fact cats need to play. But how can you get your cat to play if you haven’t done this much in the past? Or what if your cat has already reached an older age and prefers to relax in the couch while you are working out? Here are some tips to inspire you!

There are a lot of good reasons to play with your cat. First of all, it’s a fun way to share some quality time with your purry friend. Besides the fun factor, there also some benefits for the health of your cat. Playing is a powerful method to prevent stress and it can help them to lose weight (if it’s necessary of course). It’s not only good for their mental and physical health, but also for yours! Last but not least, playing once in a while makes sure you both don’t get bored.

Cat in garden - My Purry Friends

Now that you have all the arguments to play more often with your cat, you’re ready to go! Maybe you have purchased a new toy for your cat, only to discover your cat has not even the slightest interest to play with it. Cats will be cats? Mission failed? No, don’t give up too soon!

Maybe your cat wants to play, but you are just doing all kind of activities they don’t like. Try out some different toys or games to find out what your cat likes. Maybe you are moving the toy too fast, which makes them quickly lose their interest? Or they prefer activities on the floor instead of objects “floating” trough the air? Test and learn!

If you have enough patience, you will be able to let your cat play more often. Yes, even older cats! Here are some tips on how to achieve this goal:

  • Try to schedule a fixed moment to play when your cat starts to get active. For most cats, this is in the evening.
  • Hang on and be patient! If your cat doesn’t play along the first day, don’t be disappointed and definitely don’t give up. Maybe your cat is still discovering the toy and needs a few days to get used to it. Try to show the toy each day at the same time.
  • A few minutes are sometimes already enough. Be happy with every small step you make!
  • If they are not interested, try to put some catnip in the toys to make it more attractive.

Let us know how it goes. Have fun!

My Purry Friends

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