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Why you should spay or neuter your cat

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Maybe you have recently added a new cat to your family and you are wondering if you should spay or neuter them. It’s an important health decision and can bring a lot of advantages. In this blog article, we will discuss the most important aspects you need to know when you are considering the procedure.

Cat castration is a relatively simple procedure for male cats that removes the testicles. This will take away their reproductive ability, but also a lot of the hormonal “maleness”. We will get into this later on! Spaying on the other hand is the process of removing the ovaries and uterus of a female cat. This is also a veterinary procedure that requires minimal hospitalization. Both options will avoid any unplanned pregnancies.

Now that we know what the options are, you probably want to know why you should do it. Don’t forget to talk to an expert with all your questions, it’s normal to have some questions. You are not alone! Your veterinary will always guide you through the process and give an answer to all your concerns.

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Performing this simple procedure offers lifelong health benefits, both for males and females! Here a just a few advantages:

  • Your cat may become more affectionate (cats and females!)
  • Neutering or spaying will reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases or infections
  • Male cats will behave a lot better
  • Neutered cats are less likely to stray from home
  • A nest of kittens may sound cute, but are you ready to take care of so many kittens at the same time? There a lot of things and costs you may not be thinking about at first!
  • Spaying and neutering helps fight pet overpopulation
  • … the list goes on!

Maybe you are convinced of spaying or neutering your cat, but what age is the best time to perform the procedure? Usually, there are three general options: at six to eight weeks, at five to six months or waiting until after the first heat. This is usually between eight to twelve months of age. ”Heat”, means your female cat is in the fertile period of her reproductive cycle and is looking to mate. Male cats have their own particular heat. When they have reached full maturity, they will be able to mate whenever the female cat allows it. Don’t worry if your cat is already older, it’s never too late!

As you can see, there are a lot of advantage to neutering your cat. Always go out there and talk to an expert first!

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