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Why You Should Use Elevated Cat Feeders

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No More Cat Food On The Floor

What’s up with cats and making a mess at your house? It seems like a daily routine: You prepare a delicious meal for your purry friend, but somehow they manage to get more food on the floor than in their mouth. Sometimes it even seems like cats enjoy making a mess of your home! Sounds familiar, right?

Luckily, we can prevent this problem from ever happening again! Our Tilted Orthopedic Cat Bowl is specifically created for cats to help them eat in peace without making a mess. It is designed with a tilt of 15° to prevent food from scattering all over the place. The non-tipping base will keep the bowl in place, so cleaning up after dinner is a thing of the past!

The Best Way To Maintain Your Cat’s Digestion And Overall Health

Your cat’s digestive system will benefit by using an elevated feeder. When cats eat at ground level, their stomach is crunched and pressed and this creates a very unpleasant feeling. You can increase their comfort by using raised bowls to make sure they eat in a more natural position. Cats and kittens tend to lean less when you place their bowls a little higher than ground level. Improving the cat’s posture when eating may help prevent spine and hip problems in the future.

Additionally, the 15° angle provides a healthy eating position and makes sure your cat’s whiskers won’t touch the edges ever again, as cats can suffer whisker stress. Most of all, gulping the food along with air will no longer be an issue and they won’t vomit because of that anymore.

Tilted Orthopedic Cat Bowls are especially good for flat-faced pets like Pug dogs and Persian cats to reach their food.

Improve Eating Habits For Senior Cats

The raised feeder is especially useful for old or ill cats. By feeding your cat above ground level, you can diminish or avoid the severity of acid reflux. As cats get older, they tend to eat very little. Cats can’t bend their body as much as they used to because of the weakness in their muscles and joints. Therefore, they don’t get enough nutrients. Our elevated orthopedic bowls are extremely effective and recommended for senior cats.


Research has shown it’s healthier for pets to eat in a more elevated position, so what are you waiting for? Your cat will be forever grateful! Start with our Tilted Orthopedic Cat Bowl and feel good about your cat’s overall health.

Click here to purchase one today and give it a try!

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