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Why your cat needs hiding places

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When you think of hiding places or spots for cats, you might automatically think this is only useful for scared or stressed out cats. It's correct this is important for cats showing this behavior, but it is actually vital for every cat to have a few comfortable spots. Even the most relaxed cats need some me-places at home! In this blog, we will share some tips on how to create some safe hiding places for your purry friend. 
When given the choice, cats usually will prefer running over fighting. This is also one of the reasons why most cats don't like to be carried. Once their feet are off the ground, they aren't able to run anymore and run off to freedom whevener it pleases them. Being able to hide is important for cats. However, this doesn't mean we aren't able to see them. Think about a cat trying to hide behind the curtains when you can actually still clearly see half of their body. Because their head is hidden, they don't really care and us humans can have a good laugh about it!
A study has shown that cats who have one or more places to hide or get away show significantly less stress that cats who don't. This is particulary important in animal shelters. Cats will be more likely to approach the front of the cage when they have hiding spots. This increases their chances of getting adopted and every cat deserves a loving home!
Hiding cat
When a scared cat tries to hide, it makes sense. They need time to adjust to the situation or to assess what is going on. They will come out at their own pace or when they notice there it nothing to be afraid of. It's important to leave them alone and definitely don't try to get them out of their hiding spot. Under the couch or behind the television is usally not a good spot, because they can't completely relax there. Try to get on your knees and look at the world from the perspective of your cat. It might give you some new ideas! 
What is a good hiding spot?
  • A cat pole is always a good beginning. It gives your cat a chance to get higher and escape anything they might see as a threat. Small children or other cats can be avoided this way. 
  • Some cats prefer to have a less "open" hiding space, so try to put a box or pillow on top of your pole. Try our Fluffy Calming Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed
  • Sometimes a towl or a small cat bed in your bookcase is enough for your cat.
  • Location matters! Cats like soft and warm places. They will definitely like a place in the sun or high enough so they can check out the whole room at once. 
If nothing helps, you can always trust on a regular cardboard box, they love it!
Good luck!
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