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My Purry Friends

Owning a cat is more than just taking care of a pet. It’s a way of life, right?

Inspired by loving and raising cats ourselves, we decided to create a platform where cat lovers can find everything to satisfy their cats. Every cat owner wants the best for its purry friend, and that’s where we step in!

My Purry Friends is the top online shop for everything your cat wants. We offer quality cat supplies, cat accessories and cat toys purrrfect for you and your furry friends!

Did you know approximately one out of three cat owners think their little friends are able to read their minds? Then it’s about time to give them some happy thoughts…  Surprise them with a gift from My Purry Friends and watch them have the time of one of their nine lives!

Every good team needs a mascot. They are by your side to celebrate the successes, but most of all, they are also on your side to get you through any difficult moments you might encounter on your journey.

Who could be a better choice for our team than a purry friend?! This is why we would like you to meet Mr. P, the official mascot of My Purry Friends. His hobbies are sleeping, eating and doing whatever he wants… Sounds familiar?


My Purry Friends - Mascot Mr. P


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And remember, there is no greater gift than the love of a cat!


The My Purry Friends Team




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