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Laser Ball

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Cats are real hunters and need to hunt on a daily basis to fulfill this need. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to catch an actual prey, but it does mean they love to chase and catch everything that moves.  

If there is no stimulation or a challenging environment, boredom may strike and your cat may even end up feeling lonely. This is something every loving cat owner wants to prevent! But how do we do this? This is where the Laser Ball steps in!

Interactive games for cats are not only fun to watch, but it is also healthy for them! Playing is a powerful method to prevent stress and it can help your cat to maintain a healthy weight.

This Laser Ball can keep your purry friend fit in a playful manner and will keep it entertained for hours!


  • Batteries included
  • Fully automatic moving ball with LED light
  • Diameter: 2.5" / 6.4 cm  


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